Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thomas Buell, Jr. Stepping Down as GlobalPittsburgh Director of Development and Marketing, Effective July 31, 2015

Thomas Buell, Jr. will step down as GlobalPittsburgh’s Director of Development and Marketing, effective July 31, 2015. He will be moving to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to his family.

Buell joined the organization, formerly known as the Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors (PCIV), in 2009 around the time it became known as GlobalPittsburgh. Previously he edited and published the GlobalPittsburghNEWS electronic newsletter through a partnership of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance since 2002.

While at GlobalPittsburgh, Buell oversaw the organization’s communications, marketing, media relations, and social media functions, and participated in its fundraising, membership development, community outreach, and networking activities. He also led development of its Study Pittsburgh initiative, which worked with a consortium of universities and English Language programs in the region to attract and retain international students.

“Tom has played a key role in marketing GlobalPittsburgh and raising the organization’s profile in the region and beyond,” said Gail Shrott, Director of GlobalPittsburgh’s International Leaders Program. “We are grateful for his efforts on behalf of the organization.”

“Tom’s journalism, marketing and communications skills and experience have been part of the Pittsburgh landscape for quite some time, and will be missed in quarters beyond solely those of GlobalPittsburgh,” said John Hindman, Chair of GlobalPittsburgh’s Board of Directors. “We thank him for his support in his time with GlobalPittsburgh, wish him well in his next life chapter, and look forward to seeing his name in a future byline or associated with some initiative of importance to his new home.”

GlobalPittsburgh, which was founded in 1959 as the Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors (PCIV), boosts international connections in the Pittsburgh Region and around the world through three main programs:
- Coordinating activities and events for globally-minded members.
- Hosting delegations of international leaders for the U.S State Department.
- Attracting international students to the region through its Study Pittsburgh initiative.

Inquiries should be directed to Gail Shrott at or 412-392-4513.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Visiting Delegations Coordinated by GlobalPittsburgh for June - September 2015

Transparency and Accountability
U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)
Sept. 26-30
Visitors: 14
Countries: Regional Project

Energy Security & U.S. Foreign Policy
U.S. Department of State IVLP
Sept. 5-10
Visitors: 24
Countries: Multi-Regional

Saudi Young Leaders Exchange Program
Aug. 6-15
Visitors: 12
Countries: Saudi Arabia

Mr. Sylvain Barfety - Sustainability in Urban Areas
U.S. Department of State IVLP
July 29 to Aug. 1
Visitors: 1
Country: France

Cyber Capacity Building
U.S. Department of State IVLP
July 19-22
Visitors: 9
Countries: European Region

Accountability in Government
World Learning/IVLP
July 18-24
Visitors: 6
Countries: European Region

Disability Issues in the U.S.
U.S. Department of State IVLP
July 17-21
Visitors: 8
Countries: Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Lesotho, Nigeria, Senegal, Zimbabwe

America's Changing Energy Landscape
U.S. Department of State IVLP
July 9-14
Visitors: 2
Country: Germany

Mexico Meet America
Global Ties U.S.
June 28 to July 5
Visitors: 24
Country: Mexico

Urban Sustainability & Environmental Advocacy in the U.S.
U.S. Department of State IVLP
June 24-27
Visitors: 5
Countries: Georgia

Mr. Juergen Trittin
Member of the German Parliament
June 23-24
Visitors: 2
Country: Germany

Local Government Addressing Global Issues
U.S. Department of State IVLP
June 18-24
Visitors: 2
Country: Italy

Climate Change & Clean Energy
U.S. Department of State IVLP
June 17-20
Visitors: 6
Countries: Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia

Sustainable Cities
U.S. Department of State IVLP
June 13-17
Visitors: 18
Countries: Multi-Regional

Shale Gas Development
U.S. Department of State IVLP
June 9-12
Visitors: 10
Countries: Algeria

Global Economic Cooperation and Revitalization
U.S. Department of State IVLP
June 7-10
Visitors: 6
Countries: Ghana, Lebanon, Peru, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

Green Technologies & Innovation
Open World Leadership Center
June 5-14
Visitors: 6
Country: Kazakhstan