Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Social Integration at GlobalPittsburgh First Thursdays

As explained in Theresa Hafner’s article “Social Integration Support: A Real Need for International Support,” social integration is a component related to one’s personal support that is often overlooked by employers of international hires. A good salary does not ensure an expat’s success within the company. It isn’t difficult to believe that when one is unsatisfied in his or her personal life whether it is a lack of meaningful social reactions or feeling out of a place where he or she is living, it can lead to less productivity in the workplace. As an immigrant moving to another country where perhaps he or she doesn’t speak the same language, these feelings can be exasperated producing less success. Therefore, as an employer, it becomes necessary to assist in the cultural assimilation of his or her employees by providing personal support, specifically in the form of social integration.
              Now, one may ask, “how is this possible for an employer to do?” It can be difficult for them to arrange networking events or opportunities for socialization when it falls outside their dominion. However, the answer may lie closer than you think.
              At GlobalPittsburgh, First Thursdays is the perfect way to help your international hires/ new Pittsburghers turn our city into their home too. For seven years now, we at GlobalPittsburgh have held our First Thursdays event – a monthly, consistently well-attended Happy Evening (because why limit “happy” to an hour?) by providing the venue, the food, and a globally-connected atmosphere in which to meet from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. We create a space where people from near and far can meet, network, and form relationships. With the importance of international hires’ social integration, GlobalPittsburgh offers a perfect solution for providing them with a support system of like-minded people. We encourage you to share this opportunity throughout your workforce. 
In the past year, with the support of our sponsors, Cohen and Grigsby, and UPMC, we have partnered with business and universities around the city for the benefit of bringing co-workers together for this popular event. Members of GlobalPittsburgh and partnering organizations attend these happy hours at no charge and every month, with few exceptions, we host a different group of international leaders to Pittsburgh from all over the world through the Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program
Should you decide to partner with us, you will be providing a rewarding evening for relaxing, for establishing new contacts, and even for team-building as we provide optional activities to foster lively interaction. We have heard from past partners that offering these benefits to their group ultimately resulted in their company receiving a valuable benefit in return: a more knowledgeable, well-adapted workforce.