Monday, August 24, 2009

GlobalPittsburgh Expanding Mission to Include International Marketing, Hosting and Engagement of International Visitors & Delegations

GlobalPittsburgh is expanding its mission to spread the word about the Pittsburgh Region on an international scale and host delegations of visitors from around the world with the ultimate goal of boosting economic growth in the region.

To facilitate this step forward, the Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors has voted to change the name of PCIV to GlobalPittsburgh, effective immediately.

The newly named organization will continue and expand PCIV’s hosting and programming functions for international delegations to the Pittsburgh region, which it has performed with distinction for 50 years. Growth will be accomplished by the addition of active promotional and business development functions, according to Board Chairman James S. Wolf.

The new GlobalPittsburgh, which will retain PCIV’s not-for-profit status, plans to increase the number of international delegations to Pittsburgh, and thereby increase revenues and sustainability for the new organization and enhance global economic growth in the Pittsburgh region, he said.

“The outcome of this decision will be to combine the highly respected hosting activities of the PCIV with the existing and also respected brand of GlobalPittsburgh, which was founded eight years ago to highlight the region’s international connections and bring together its many international communities,” Wolf said.

Running the new GlobalPittsburgh will be Roger O. Cranville, former Pennsylvania Deputy Secretary for International Business Development, and former Senior Vice President – Global Marketing at the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, who will serve as president of the organization.

Joining Cranville will be Gail Shrott, vice president – programming services, who previously was PCIV’s executive director. Also remaining on the staff will be Tim Allen, director – programming services. Spokesman for the group will be Thomas Buell, Jr.

“During the next 12 months, GlobalPittsburgh will focus on spreading the word about Pittsburgh internationally, and energizing the region’s many followers around the world, both during the months leading up to the G-20 Economic Summit, and, perhaps more importantly, beyond the G-20,” Cranville said.

Originally an outcome of the Allegheny County 2001 International Transition Team recommendations, the GlobalPittsburgh initiative was conceived by the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and the PCIV. A GlobalPittsburgh website and electronic newsletter were developed, but have since had their funding discontinued.

GlobalPittsburgh will continue to work closely with the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh on international education programs under the GlobalPittsburgh brand.

The new GlobalPittsburgh will operate as an independent organization, but will work in cooperation with its original founding groups, Wolf said. The PCIV’s website will shift to the domain name, and the content will be updated to combine the promotion, hosting and business development functions, Cranville said.

Moving forward, GlobalPittsburgh will partner with local media organizations and other organizations to foster international community growth in the region, and provide resources to foreign companies and organizations to start their U.S. operations including immigration, administrative support for foreign executives, access to community resources, familiarization and relocation information, while supporting but not duplicating other international business development programs in the region, he said.

In its new configuration, GlobalPittsburgh will undertake four main activities:

• Actively marketing & promoting the Pittsburgh region and its many international connections around the world
• Hosting visiting international delegations, groups and individuals by assimilating and growing the programs and functions of the Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors (PCIV)
• Engaging globally with companies and organizations, and expanding recognition of the Pittsburgh region as an internationally connected place to live, work and do business
• Creating and Managing a network among organizations in the region sharing a common vision of advancing the Pittsburgh region as a truly global community

GlobalPittsburgh will continue to expand its social media presence, which includes a news and information blog at, and accounts on Twitter (@GlobalPGH), Facebook (GlobalPittsburgh fan page) and LinkedIn (GlobalPittsburgh group).

“Our goal is to provide news and information not only about the activities of GlobalPittsburgh, but also the internationally related activities of organizations, companies, schools and universities, government organizations and any other entities and individuals with any connection to the Pittsburgh region,” Cranville said. “Our scope is intentionally broad and all-encompassing.”

For further information, contact Thomas Buell, Jr. at 412-720-2218 or

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