Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pittsburgh's Artistic Renaissance Highlighted in The Economist's "Intelligent Life" Magazine

Pittsburgh's growing reputation as a hotbed of artistic expression and creativity just got another boost from "Intelligent Life" magazine, a lifestyle publication of the renowned London-based news source, The Economist.

"As the host of the recent G20 Summit, Pittsburgh was a showcase of urban and economic renewal for the world," the magazine writes. "In three decades Pennsylvania’s Steel City has transformed itself from rustbelt victim to a more vibrant and economically diverse place.

"But while Andy Warhol’s hometown is enjoying its 15 minutes, the city’s dynamic art scene is also worth a look. With a top-ranked art school, a new director at the Carnegie Museum of Art and a city full of young talent and cheap rents, Pittsburgh is poised to become a solid base for the next generation of artists."


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