Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GlobalPittsburgh Expanding Into New Downtown Offices

GlobalPittsburgh will expand its presence in Downtown Pittsburgh when it moves into new offices in Centre City Tower at 650 Smithfield Street, effective Jan. 1, 2010.

Formerly known as the Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors, GlobalPittsburgh will relocate to larger quarters to accommodate a larger staff and expanded mission to host international delegations to the Region, as well as welcome international students, professionals and short-term residents with a regular schedule of programs and activities, according to Roger Cranville, GlobalPittsburgh's Chairman and President.

"Our goal is to serve companies and organizations in the Pittsburgh Region by hosting foreign delegations and facilitating introductions and channels of communication that we believe will enhance the opportunity for professional, commercial and academic partnerships and economic growth," Cranville said.

Pittsburgh has been rapidly gaining a positive international reputation as a leader in economic and environmental revitalization, and is well positioned to show off its centers of excellence in a wide variety of fields, he said.

"Since the announcement of the G-20 Summit earlier this year and the hosting of World Environment Day on June 5, 2010, Pittsburgh is brightly visible on the radar screens of decision makers around the world, especially in Europe and Asia," Cranville said. "It is now up to Pittsburgh to make the most of this worldwide interest, and GlobalPittsburgh is on the leading edge of that effort."

GlobalPittsburgh works with the U.S. Department of State and other international organizations to arrange and coordinate visits by foreign individuals and delegations interested in learning more about Pittsburgh’s centers of excellence, including energy, technology, health sciences, green design and education, and in studying the region’s economic and environmental transformation.

GlobalPittsburgh will vacate its current offices in the Regional Enterprise Tower at 425 Sixth Avenue at the end of December, Cranville said.

GlobalPittsburgh's new address:
Centre City Tower
650 Smithfield Street, Suite 1180
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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