Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sewickley Academy Launches Global Studies Program

Sewickley Academy announced that it has launched a new Global Studies program, which offers students the opportunity to earn a Global Studies Certificate upon graduation. In addition to the completion of various curriculum components and required travel of at least four weeks, the certificate also signifies that students have gone above and beyond the requirements needed to earn an Academy diploma.

Through the Global Studies program, students will:

* Recognize and understand the interrelationships among international organizations, nation-states, economic entities, socio-cultural groups, and individuals;
* Be able to communicate with people of different cultures in their own languages and in shared languages;
* Participate in a home stay experience that provides cultural immersion;
* Conduct community service that directly affects the country they visit;
* Research and present a project based on a global issue or artistic endeavor as a capstone to their experiences in the Global Studies program.

"We see it as part of our mission at Sewickley Academy to educate global citizens," says Head of School Kolia O’Connor. "We want students to develop an understanding and appreciation of other cultures, languages, and histories, and to operate with increased comfort across international boundaries. These intercultural competencies are very important in a world that is increasingly interconnected."

A unique characteristic of the Global Studies program is that each student is able to tailor his or her global studies track to his or her individual interests. "For example, a student can choose to study how West African politics differ from South African politics, or compare the stock market in France to that of the U.S.," said Director of Diversity & Global Education Neal Holmes.

Upcoming student travel includes a four-week language and cultural immersion program in Grenada, Spain, a cultural and artistic program in Sydney, Australia, and a service learning program in Ghana, Africa.

Scholarship aid is also available to help students pay for the costs associated with travel, with priority given to those students who demonstrate financial need.

To learn more about the Global Studies program at Sewickley Academy, go to www.sewickley.org.

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