Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pitt's GSPIA Hosting International Political Economy Colloquium Starting March 21 - To Be Annual Event

The University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs will host annually an International Political Economy Colloquium (IPEC) to provide a forum for scholars of IPE to present their best new works in progress.

The inaugural event, to be held on March 26, 2010, will bring in 14 scholars from around the country to present papers and discuss the theme of "Globalization and Natural Resources."

The conservation and management of natural resources has been a major concern for nations in the last few decades. Political economists have analyzed how nations handle their natural resources, particularly the way domestic institutions have, counter-intuitively, played a role in limiting how countries use that wealth to boost or sustain economic growth.

These analyses, however, suffer from a serious shortcoming: they neglect the dilemmas created by open economies in managing these globally diminishing resources. In contrast, scholars attending this year's colloquium will try to address this shortcoming and analyze how both international economics and international politics impact natural resources.

For information regarding the colloquium, contact IPEC Chair Nita Rudra at

Participants in the IPEC for 2010 will include:

David Bearce
University of Pittsburgh

Sarah M. Brooks
Ohio State University

Nancy E. Brune
Institute for Security Studies, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

James A. Caporaso
Professor of Political Science

Benjamin J. Cohen
University of California, Santa Barbara

Nathan M. Jensen
Washington University in St. Louis

Marcus J. Kurtz
Ohio State University

Quan Li
Texas A&M University

Sara McLaughlin Mitchell
University of Iowa

Irfan Nooruddin
Ohio State University

Dennis Quinn
Georgetown University

Ronald Rogowski
University of California, Los Angeles

Peter Rosendorff
New York University

Nita Rudra
University of Pittsburgh

Johannes Urpelaine
Columbia University

Bill Keller
University of Pittsburgh

Cameron Thies
University of Iowa

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