Tuesday, April 6, 2010

GlobalPittsburgh Hosting Embassy & Consulate Officials from 11 Countries for International Bridge Awards April 21, 2010 - Reserve Today!

The government of China has joined the list of foreign Embassies and Consulates sending representatives to the GlobalPittsburgh International Bridge Awards and related Energy, Life Sciences & Education Showcase April 21-22, 2010. CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE INVITATION AND RESERVATION FORM.

Other confirmed countries for the event include: Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Oman, South Africa, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

The International Bridge Awards event will take place on the eve of Earth Day 2010, and will help kick off the six-week period of events and celebrations leading up to World Environment Day 2010 on June 5. It brings together the area’s leaders in the fields of energy, environmental design & innovation, education, high technology, life sciences and advanced manufacturing to honor corporations, organizations or individuals whose efforts have succeeded in building bridges of understanding and communication between the Pittsburgh Region and other parts of the world.

The Bridge Awards gala is the centerpiece of the GlobalPittsburgh Energy, Life Sciences & Education Showcase, a two-day program of presentations, panel discussions and tours highlighting the Greater Pittsburgh Region’s innovation, leadership and centers of excellence for the invited international delegates.

“We are thrilled to be helping launch this exciting series of events, which further highlight the Greater Pittsburgh Region’s leadership and advancements in energy and the environment, life sciences and education,” said Roger O. Cranville, GlobalPittsburgh Chairman and President. “We know from experience that Pittsburgh’s reputation as an example of successful economic and environmental revitalization is known around the world.”

The inclusion of senior embassy and consulate representatives from these major international players at the International Bridge Awards will allow attendees to make important business and cultural connections that have the potential to lead to valuable partnerships and future economic development opportunities, Cranville said.

Since 1993, the Bridge Awards have been a unique recognition of the region’s global connections and a major networking event. In addition to honoring this year’s winners, this gala event will feature booths and interactive displays highlighting the Region’s leading companies and organizations in the field of energy, environmental and education.

The GlobalPittsburgh Energy, Life Sciences & Education Showcase will include:

• On the afternoon of April 21, visiting dignitaries will receive a presentation about the University of Pittsburgh's energy-related research programs, which cover energy diversification, nuclear power advances, clean coal technologies, renewable energy and environmental solutions. More information about Pitt's energy & environmental initiatives is available at http://www.energy.pitt.edu/ and http://www.mascarocenter.pitt.edu.
• A half-day symposium will be held on the morning of April 22 focusing on the Greater Pittsburgh Region’s energy innovations, both in conventional fossil fuels and new energy fields.
• Opportunities also will be available on the morning of April 21 and the afternoon of April 22 for tours of several individual companies, organizations and facilities that represent the Region’s leadership role in energy, life sciences and education innovation.

Sponsors for the GlobalPittsburgh Energy, Life Sciences & Education Showcase include UPMC, Westinghouse Electric Co., First Niagara Bank, Bombardier, Burt Hill, Robert Morris University, the Government of Canada, Babst, Calland, Clements & Zomnir, and Vivisimo.

As a member of the National Council for International Visitors, GlobalPittsburgh (formerly the Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors) works with the U.S. Department of State and other international organizations to arrange and coordinate visits by foreign individuals and delegations interested in learning more about Pittsburgh’s centers of excellence, including energy, education, technology, health sciences, green design and social services, and in studying the region’s economic and environmental transformation.

For 50 years, GlobalPittsburgh has welcomed volunteers and hosts to act as tour guides, dinner hosts, home stay hosts and drivers for visiting delegations and individuals. For more information about GlobalPittsburgh programs, visit www.GlobalPittsburgh.org, call 412-392-4513 or send email to info@pciv.org.

For more information about the GlobalPittsburgh Energy, Life Sciences & Education Showcase, go to www.globalpittsburgh.org or contact Thomas Buell, Jr., GlobalPittsburgh VP-Communications, at 412-392-4513 or 412-720-2218, or by email at tcbuell@versopartners.com.

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