Thursday, August 5, 2010

GlobalPittsburgh Leading Regional Push to Promote Citizen Diplomacy, Encouraging All to Help Improve International Relations "One Handshake at a Time"

GlobalPittsburgh is taking an active role in a national movement to promote citizen diplomacy in an effort to dramatically increase the number of people in the Pittsburgh region who are actively engaged in efforts to strengthen America’s international relationships.

Students, professionals and all members of the Greater Pittsburgh Community are invited to become members of the GlobalPittsburgh Network. Memberships make great gifts for graduates and job-seekers, too!

Member benefits include:
- Regular Activities with Other Internationals and Community Members
- Networking Events
- Discounts on Goods & Services
- Invitations to Programs & Events
- Homestay & Hospitality Dinners with Local Families
- Hosting Opportunities for Local Residents
- Free & Discounted Tickets to Local Cultural Events & Shows
- Connections with International Employers
- Volunteer & Internship Opportunities
- Meet Incoming International Delegations

Membership in GlobalPittsburgh is a great way for internationals and globally minded residents to participate in fun activities, to meet new people, to become more globally connected and to support GlobalPittsburgh's efforts to build international awareness in the Greater Pittsburgh Region.

Individual membership fees are $40 per year; family memberships are $50 per year. JOIN TODAY!

Successfully building global awareness and understanding among people of all ages will create better opportunities for growth and success for the entire Pittsburgh region and for the United States, said Roger Cranville, Chairman and President of GlobalPittsburgh.

"We see great benefits in encouraging all the people of the Greater Pittsburgh region to become more globally engaged through education and study abroad programs, business connections, international volunteer service, tourism, community-based initiatives, and exchanges in the arts and humanities," he said.

By becoming a citizen diplomat through GlobalPittsburgh, people of the Pittsburgh region can participate in a variety of programs and services, including:

- Hosting international visitors in your home
- Introducing your family to world cultures
- Greeting delegations from your homeland
- Making internationals feel welcome
- Free and discounted tickets to cultural events
- Helping grow Pittsburgh's international diversity
- Participating in year-round activities
- Be part of the GlobalPittsburgh Network
- Receive invitations to global events

CLICK HERE for an electronic and/or printable registration form.

Formerly known as the Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors, GlobalPittsburgh strives to attract, engage and retain internationals and globally minded people in the Pittsburgh region. Its programs and services benefit the region by making positive connections and encouraging successful partnerships between companies, organizations and individuals that lead to increased international awareness and understanding, and a wide variety of economic benefits.

What is Citizen Diplomacy?

Citizen Diplomacy is the concept that the individual has the right, even the responsibility, to help shape U.S. foreign relations "one handshake at a time," according to the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy.

Citizen diplomats can be students, teachers, athletes, artists, business people, humanitarians, adventurers or tourists. They are motivated by a responsibility to engage with the rest of the world in a meaningful, mutually beneficial dialogue.

Who are Citizen Diplomats?

Citizen diplomats...

* Have a desire to be engaged with people around the world
* Appreciate views other than their own
* Are non-judgmental regarding cultural differences
* Demonstrate respect for people of all nationalities
* Collaborate with individuals from diverse cultures to solve problems
* Effectively interact and communicate across cultures
* Strive to understand and communicate in the language of others
* Interact effectively with others both inside and outside of American borders.
* Have open minds and natural curiosity
* Have friendly and positive attitudes
* Are good listeners
* Have the ability to put themselves in another’s place
* Have a general understanding of international relations and world economics
* Have knowledge of other cultures

Why is citizen diplomacy so important now?

In an era of increasing globalization, more and more people develop their most lasting impressions through face-to-face, personal encounters, when people visit the United States or when Americans travel abroad. In this context, the ‘citizen diplomat’ is a powerful force in defining the United States to the rest of the world.

What is the difference between Citizen Diplomacy and Public Diplomacy?

Citizen Diplomacy is the engagement of individual American citizens in primarily voluntary, private sector programs and activities that increase cross-cultural understanding and knowledge between Americans and people from other countries, leading to greater mutual understanding and respect. Public Diplomacy is conducted through specific activities and programs carried out under the auspices of the federal government that promote positive and credible perceptions of the U.S. generally, and of U.S. foreign policy specifically.
In today's global society, the two are interconnected.

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