Wednesday, December 14, 2011

GlobalPittsburgh Hosting Roundtable Dec. 20 on Role of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Region's Economic Growth

GlobalPittsburgh is hosting a conference titled “Boosting Global Innovation - A Roundtable Discussion on Immigration” on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 in the offices of sponsor Tucker Arensberg Attorneys.

Richard T. Herman
The invitation-only event will feature Richard T. Herman, co-author of Immigrant, Inc. - Why Immigrant Entrepreneurs are Driving the New Economy and How They Will Save the American Worker, in addition to several of the region’s most prominent and successful international innovators and job creators who embody the value and importance of foreign-born entrepreneurs to the economic growth and cultural diversity of the Pittsburgh region.

For this event, 30 of the region’s most prominent thought leaders and influencers will come together for an on-the-record conversation about immigration designed to lead to a better understanding of the benefits of attracting and retaining international entrepreneurs, and set the stage for a constructive discussion on steps that can be taken to bring about positive change.

Ever since Scotsman Andrew Carnegie revolutionized both the steelmaking process and the global corporate model, Pittsburgh has been a hotbed of international innovation. Creative minds from around the world still gravitate to the three rivers region to refine their ideas in business and academia, creating companies that employ thousands of people, and solidifying the foundation that underlays Pittsburgh’s economic and social bedrock.

In recent years, the topic of immigration has become controversial, although statistics show that foreign-born entrepreneurs are more than twice as likely as the native-born population to start businesses that create jobs and economic growth, which benefit the entire region and all of its residents.

For more information about the Immigration Roundtable, contact Thomas Buell, Jr., GlobalPittsburgh Director of Marketing, at 412-392-4513 or 412-720-2218, or by email at

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