Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pittsburgh Region's World-Class Robotics Sector Getting Boost From Innovation Works Funding Program

Pittsburgh-based Innovation Works has assumed a more active role in supporting the region's world-class robotics sector with the recent transfer of key programs from The Technology Collaborative, which has been phased out.

Small Diameter Pipe Inspection
Robots From RedZone
With the transfer of programs, Innovation Works "will be getting even more involved in the support of these companies and the region's robotics cluster starting with the Technology Commercialization Initiative (TCI)," Innovations Works President & CEO Rich Lunak said in a message to the organization's supporters.

The robotics cluster in the Pittsburgh region "is among the best in the world," Lunak said. "Advancements in commercial, domestic, and military applications are being pioneered within the labs at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute, regional firms, and within IW's own portfolio."

Robotics products in the Pittsburgh region are being used to:

*Automate time-consuming tasks in hospitals, freeing clinicians and staff for direct patient care activities (Aethon, McKesson Automation)
*Perform hazardous and unpleasant tasks like the inspection of sewers and the repair of underground pipelines (RedZone Robotics)
*Protect soldiers and first responders with intelligent mobile manipulators (RE2)
*Improve the efficiency and bottom line of warehouse operations with mobile trucks (Seegrid)
*Take the human error out of life-threatening procedures through the assistance of orthopedic surgeons in surgery (BlueBelt Technologies)
*Entertain and engage young minds (Bossa Nova) and delight young parents (4moms)

Made possible through a Discovered in PA, Developed in PA grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the TCI awards up to $100,000 for commercialization efforts in the advanced electronics and robotics technologies space, Lunak said.

The TCI will help to drive rapid and continuing progress in technology development and commercialization so SWPA can continue to create and build more Aethons and RedZones and add to an already robust robotics cluster, he said.

Startups, established companies, and university researchers/groups are all encouraged to apply for the commercialization awards. Draft proposal submissions are due August 3, 2012 with final proposal submissions due September 7, 2012.

More information about TCI and the full request for proposal is available on IW's homepage at www.innovationworks.org.

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