Thursday, September 6, 2012

New International Fashion House Offers Multicultural Styles and Job Opportunities for Aspiring Artisans and Entrepreneurs

A new International Fashion House combining a fabric production studio and global style boutique offering culturally inspired clothing, accessories and arts & crafts from around the world opened in Pittsburgh’s Bloomfield neighborhood on Friday, Sept. 21.

An initiative of Christian Evangelistic Economic Development (CEED), a Pittsburgh-based non-profit community development organization, the International Fashion House is located at 4705 Liberty Avenue, across from St. Joseph Catholic Church.

The mission of the International Fashion House is to celebrate, showcase, market and retail creative, ethnic-inspired goods and services from an assorted pool of artists and artisans, while promoting cultural diversity in the city of Pittsburgh.

“The International Fashion House brings together a wide range of skills and strengths of the international immigrant community and the local community in Pittsburgh to create an opportunity for jobs and economic growth to benefit everyone in the Pittsburgh region,” said Rufus Idris, CEED Executive Director. “It is a mix of arts, crafts and economic growth that is a positive force for the community.”

The International Fashion House offers a four dimensional fold services to its customers. First is the IFH Boutique which will offer authentic international fashion products from ready-to-wear clothing and accessories to unsewn fabrics, giving the customer the option of making their own outfits from scratch, tailored to their specifications. 

Secondly, IFH will offer consignment products from CEED vendors who are currently participating in the International Marketplace which takes place every Saturday at the Pittsburgh Public Market. These vendors will get the opportunity to sell their products in a storefront with regular public access, providing a cost-effective way of selling their products and gain broader exposure. 

Thirdly, the IFH will offer a sewing incubator with the professional equipment and materials, where upcoming seamstresses can utilize production space and equipment for a fee. As part of the tailoring incubator, IFH will also hire well-qualified seamstresses and craftsmen on a contractual basis to help work on specific projects upon demand. 

Lastly, the International Fashion House will hold on-site training and classes in different artistic disciplines such as: tailoring, quilting, knitting, etc. with the goal of promoting diversity and community inclusion between the immigrant community and local populations in the city of Pittsburgh. 

“The International Fashion offers a complete wearing solution where customers have the unique opportunity to come into the store, purchase a fabric of choice, pick a design and have it tailored to their specification and design,” said Adedoyin Adeniyi, a CEED program officer who has helped plan the Fashion House. “A customer never has to worry about the fabric, stitching, embroidery, designing or any other thing as the team at IFH will take care of everything.” 

After its Grand opening, the store will be open for customers Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The store is located on 4705 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh Pa 15224. 

For more information call 412-450-8070 or send email to

About Christian Evangelistic Economic Development 
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