Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Israel-Based Ness Technologies Announces Opening of New Software Development Center in Pittsburgh Employing 200; Veteran Employment Targeted

Ness Technologies, a global information technology and software development company based in Israel, has announced the opening of a new development center in the Pittsburgh area, creating as many as 200 jobs.

The Ness Pittsburgh Development Center will focus on mobility and business analytics, as well as a full spectrum of software engineering services, the company said in a statement.

Ness said the "strategically-desirable Pittsburgh location" provides proximity to U.S. corporate locations, offering the advantages of better collaboration and flexibility of resources across a smaller geography, fewer cultural barriers, availability of relevant technology and domain expertise, and less time zone disparity.

"The placement of a development center in Pittsburgh gives Ness access to a highly-educated talent pool that is constantly renewed from the area's major universities, including University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne University and Carnegie Mellon University, whose Computer Science, Information Systems and Engineering graduate programs rank in the top 10 in the U.S.," the company said.

Ness said Pittsburgh also will served as the pilot location for its Returning Veterans Career Development initiative.

"In addition to serving as the global headquarters of major corporations such as Heinz, PNC and U.S. Steel, the greater Pittsburgh area is also one of the six major regions in the United States where military veterans reside," the company said.

"The value of our client partnership model goes beyond engineering excellence to focus on helping our clients achieve competitive advantage," said Joe Lagioia, President, Ness Software Engineering Services. "Today's business environment demands speed-to-market with the highest quality, and our clients are responding by looking for more personal and responsive service options, including domestic outsourcing services that enable seamless collaboration, more frequent face-to-face visits, and more effective development teams. Opening the Ness Pittsburgh Development Center is another step to address our clients' needs for speed, value and quality."

Pittsburgh Regional Alliance President Dewitt Peart applauded the Ness announcement, saying, "Innovation and technology are baked into the Pittsburgh region's economy. They influence all of our key industry sectors-including information and communications technology-the latter composed of 1,600 firms, which employ more than 26,000 individuals. The tech scene here is vibrant, professionally and academically. Our region's 35 colleges and universities are producing an abundance of top-rate IT talent. 

"When compared to our benchmark regions, Pittsburgh ranks second to Boston in the total number of IT degrees conferred annually. When considering the total package that the region provides -- ample talent, low cost of doing business and high quality of life, to name a few -- I am confident that Ness will find the Pittsburgh region to be a location that more than meets expectations for its new world-class software development center," Peart said.

Ness Technologies is a global provider of IT and business services and solutions with specialized expertise in software product engineering and systems integration, application development, consulting, and software distribution. Ness delivers its portfolio of solutions and services using a global delivery model that offers the flexibility and efficiencies of on-site, on-shore, near-shore and off-shore sourcing. Its team of nearly 7,000 employees services customers in over 20 countries and partners with numerous software and hardware vendors worldwide. Visit http://www.ness.com for more information.


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