Tuesday, January 28, 2014

GlobalPittsburgh Welcoming 140 Fulbright Scholars in March, Seeking Hosts for Small Dinner Groups

GlobalPittsburgh will be arranging activities and programs for a group of 140 visiting Fulbright Scholars from more than 70 countries in March, and is currently seeking hosts in the Pittsburgh area to welcome small groups of the students into their homes for dinner the night of March 21.

Such enrichment activities are part of the program coordinated by the Institute of International Education for the Fulbright Scholars, who are currently attending graduate programs at institutions around the United States. This marks the first time that an IIE/Fulbright enrichment seminar will take place in Pittsburgh.

Hosts will welcome up to four people in their homes for the Fulbright dinners. Anyone interested in becoming a GlobalPittsburgh host should contact Gail Shrott, director of GlobalPittsburgh's international leaders program, at 412-392-4513 or at gshrott@globalpittsburgh.org.

"In past years, Fulbrighters attending Enrichment Seminars in other cities in the U.S. have consistently ranked the hosted evening as one of their favorite and most important experiences in the United States," Shrott said. "We expect that we will be sending many visitors to areas of the city/county (north, east, south) by bus where hosts may meet them in central meeting locations."

Those living in downtown and former Fulbright Scholars are strongly urged to become hosts, Shrott said.

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