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Global Venturing Israel: MedTech & Inclusive Innovation Conference March 26-27 at University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business

Global Venturing Israel: MedTech and Inclusive Innovation

March 26-27, 2015

University of Pittsburgh

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Conference Chair: Paul T. Harper, PhD

Vision: Global Venturing is a new initiative within the International Business Center at the Katz Graduate School of Business. Under this Initiative, Katz faculty and staff will introduce new courses, produce new research and thought leadership, establish student exchanges, and coordinate special events that highlight the importance of new ventures and innovation as a strong economic driver in our global economy.
Israeli New Ventures & Innovation: In the last 20 years, Israel has distinguished itself as the #2 innovation ecosystem in the world thereby becoming known as the ‘Start-Up Nation.’ The business sectors most affected by Israeli technological innovation include energy, information technology, agriculture, and the life sciences. Through its impact on all of these industries the nation of Israel has improved the well being of people around the world and, as8 a result, has garnered great attention and substantial foreign investment.
Pittsburgh/Tel Aviv Nexus of Innovation: The inaugural event will be a conference that focuses on the innovation economy of Israel with special emphasis on the life sciences. Israeli innovations in the life sciences have been chosen as the focus of the conference for several reasons. The life sciences, including health information technology, medical devices, and drug innovations are areas where Israeli and Southwestern Pennsylvania firms, universities, incubators, and accelerators share similar and complementary strengths. Given these complementary strengths, it is puzzling that there have been only a handful of joint R&D projects, strategic alliances, and commercial acquisitions. The conference Chair, Advisory Committee, organizers, strategic partners, and sponsoring organizations believe that there is a substantial opportunity to establish a new set of bi-national relationships that will lead to new business opportunities, expanded research agendas, more globalized civic cooperation, and economic development. This foundational event will serve the prospecting of these opportunities by convening the relevant university, business, and civic stakeholders.
Inclusive Innovation: One of opportunities made available by this conference is an engagement with the concept of Inclusive Innovation, which will be discussed by a bi-national panel of experts and practitioners. An Arab-Israeli entrepreneur from the city of Nazareth is included in the VIP Investor event, the company showcase, and also the panel on Inclusive Innovation. This added dimension differentiates the conference from others in the U.S. by foregrounding the challenges of inclusion for successful innovation-driven economies.
Conference Goals & Objectives:
  • Showcase Israeli MedTech innovation corporations and new ventures to the Pittsburgh region.
  • Introduce the Pittsburgh innovation ecosystem to Israeli entrepreneurs, incubators, and investors.
  • Contribute to the global venturing and innovation agenda and roadmap for Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.
  • Engage Katz/Pitt faculty and students in an exchange with an exemplary global innovation ecosystem.
  • Create a new business development platform for enhanced bi-national dealflow.
  • Highlight current business connections between Israel & Southwestern Pennsylvania.
Conference Advisory Committee:
  • William Generett: CEO, Urban Innovation 21
  • Gregg Roman: Director for Community Engagement, Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh
  • Eric White: Business Development Executive, Urban Redevelopment Authority
Conference Philanthropic Supporters:
  • Barbara and David Burstin
  • Ira Gumberg
  • Charles Steiner
  • John Wolf
Conference Partnering Organizations:
  • UPMC Enterprises
  • Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership
  • Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh
  • Jewish Healthcare Foundation
  • Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
  • Urban Innovation 21
  • Innovation Works
Conference Ambassadors:
  • Pitt: Aishwarya Garg, Erin Paolini, Samantha Rothman, Amit Shimshi, Mary Bajek, Eric Huntermark, Jesse Hellman, Latriece Holland
  • CMU: Liza Tresser
Conference Student Leadership:
  • LaunchPitt
  • Roberto Clemente MBA Association
Conference Media Partners:
  • Israel & Co
  • World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh
  • African American Chamber of Commerce Western Pennsylvania
  • Vibrant Pittsburgh
  • Global Pittsburgh
  • University Library System, University of Pittsburgh

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