Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pittsburgh-Based Semiotic Technologies Develops Training Programs Using Video Game Technology

Pittsburgh-based Semiotic Technologies is capturing world attention by developing programs that use video gaming technology for individualized group training and development.

Semiotic Technologies makes game-based learning environments - virtual worlds - that can be adapted to corporate, industrial or emergency response training models.

"Trainees are engaged beyond merely information intake by 'learning through doing;' they are engrossed in consequence-driven and, therefore, active learning," Semiotic says.

"Whether the learning objective is financial literacy or selling cars, the learner enters a world that focuses his or her efforts on achieving proficiency and understanding" the company says.

The programs seek to move away from training programs that are neither engaging nor effective.

"We use the power of interactive game technology to significantly increase decision-making skill and magnify content retention in the light of real-world scenarios and pressure.

"When the words 'video' or 'Computer Games' appear in the media, it is generally in association with violence, addiction and/or falling moral values. What is not mentioned is the tremendous power of 'Serious Games', or games with an agenda beyond mere entertainment (education, activism, artistic expression, and training). Games, much like their simulation counterparts, open the door to enormous potential and possibilities.

"Serious Games present information in different ways than current training materials. The information is ever-present and the trainee (player) is able to explore and interact with it in the way that best suits his or her learning style. Due to their high level of engagement and personal investment, information retention increases dramatically."

Semiotic Technologies says its games "maximize an employee’s efficiency; they learn and retain more in a shorter timeframe, providing the best bang for the buck. Semiotic distributes customized Games for Learning that are highly individualized and self-adjust to groups of any size. Our Games are not just an evolution of the current e-learning market, but a revolution of the training industry as a whole."

Read more at the Semiotic Technologies website.

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