Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Pittsburgh G-20 Summit - Today's the Day That World Leaders and Media Arrive in the Golden Triangle

After months of preparation and a fair amount of hand-wringing, the Pittsburgh G-20 Summit has arrived in the Golden Triangle, bringing with it thousands of delegates, reporters, activists and security personnel of all stripes.

The world leaders have begun arriving in their official jets at the airport. Two special areas have been set up away from the main terminal where the heads of state and their parties will walk down stairways to their waiting limousines. This will take place under the watchful eye of a subset of the international media assigned to cover the arrivals.

The delegations from Indonesia and Saudi Arabia already have arrived, driving in the Parkway West with police escort (see photo). Delegations from Argentina and the European Union are first on the arrival schedule this morning.

Local news reports slowdowns at checkpoints around the city, which has been mostly closed to vehicle traffic except for people who live in Downtown or those making approved deliveries. It's probably not a good day to get anywhere in a hurry.

Watch for more live blogging here from inside the Convention Center after 10 a.m.

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