Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pittsburgh Highlighted in Special G-20 Web Feature by German Embassy for Global Media

Pittsburgh and its important, long-standing relationship with Germany are highlighted in a new special feature aimed at the international news media on the website of the German Embassy.

Titled "Meet Germany in Pittsburgh," the package includes links to several positive articles about German companies in Pittsburgh (which represent the largest percentage of foreign-owned businesses in the region), including Lanxess and Flabeg Solar US, and German cultural influences in the region.

"As Pittsburgh prepares to host the summit of G-20 leaders from September 24 to 25, takes a closer look at the long-standing and diverse ties that connect Germany to the Pittsburgh region," the site says.

"Take time for this visual, intellectual, and cultural treat, featured on several different pages," wrote David Murdoch, Germany's honorary consul in the Pittsburgh region and a partner at K&L Gates law firm, in announcing the site, which he called "a smorgasbord of German perceptions about Pittsburgh and what it means to them to participate in the G-20 Summit here."

View the full German Embassy package by CLICKING HERE

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