Thursday, April 16, 2009

High-Speed Rail Line Linking Pittsburgh & Philadelphia Proposed by President Obama

A new high-speed rail system proposed by President Obama includes a line linking Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philadelphia.

The president proposes to help address the nation's transportation challenges by launching an efficient, high-speed passenger rail network in 100-600 mile corridors that connect communities across America.

The Strategic Plan outlines the President’s vision that would transform the nation’s transportation system by rebuilding existing rail infrastructure while developing a comprehensive high-speed intercity passenger rail network through a long-term commitment at both the federal and state levels. This plan draws from the successful highway and aviation development models with a 21st century solution that focuses on clean, energy-efficient rail transportation.

Implementing High-Speed Rail promotes economic expansion (including new manufacturing jobs), creates new choices for travelers in addition to flying or driving, reduces national dependence on oil, and fosters urban and rural livable communities.

A number of high-speed rail corridors are being planned by States that range from upgrades to existing rail lines to entirely new rail lines exclusively devoted to 150 to 250 mph trains.

In addition to the Pittsburgh-Philadelphia line, the program calls for: a northern New England line; an Empire line running east to west in New York State; a southeast network connecting the District of Columbia to Florida and the Gulf Coast; a Gulf Coast line extending from eastern Texas to western Alabama; a corridor in central and southern Florida; a Texas-to-Oklahoma line; a California corridor where voters have already approved a line that will allow travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in two and a half hours; and a corridor in the Pacific Northwest.

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