Monday, April 20, 2009

Pittsburgh Boasts One of World's Greatest Skylines, Says Forbes Traveler Magazine

Pittsburgh features one of the world's greatest skylines, according to Forbes Traveler magazine.

"Pittsburgh has one of America’s great unsung skylines. The reason? According to architects Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat, it’s because Pittsburgh is 'right at the intersection of three fairly large rivers, and you approach it through a mountain, so you arrive completely deprived of a view, through a tunnel. And then you’re on a bridge looking at the city. It’s very beautifully proportioned the way it starts fairly low at the river and then climbs to the U.S. Steel building, which is the tallest there.'"

"What makes a skyline great? It has to be more than merely memorable, it must have some exceptional characteristics: It not only should be instantly recognizable but, from the traveler’s perspective particularly, it should be an enticing view of great buildings and monuments. If it’s really special, you want to be a part of it."

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  1. Yes, Pittsburgh is indeed stunning. Having lived in some of the most beautiful cities of the world, Pittburgh took me by surprise, much the same as Susan Boyle did on Britain's Got Talent.

    Having heard that it was an old Steel town, I did not expect much when I visited the city for the first time two years ago. But I was enchanted by its stunning beauty and gorgeous skyline. What a hidden gem. I'm so glad to call Pittsburgh home.
    Kamana Mathur