Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some See Immigration Key In Pittsburgh's Future, Says KDKA TV

The debate over the importance of immigration makes it to KDKA-TV News. Reporter Andy Sheehan does a nice job telling the story of how some people believe immigrants will solve the city's future worker shortages, while others see immigrants as a threat to current job security.

GlobalPittsburgh believes that immigrants will help build the local economy and create new job opportunities for everyone. And if local residents can't fill the jobs that are currently available, especially in the tech sector, then we need to examine our education system and make sure we're providing adequate training for the workers of tomorrow.

See the KDKA report by clicking HERE.


  1. While valid arguments can certainly be made on both sides of the immigration debate, it is undeniable that immigrants have helped make America a leader in innovation and technology. However, attracting and retaining top talent from around the world must go hand in hand with investment in education and training programs that would make Pittsburghers more competitive in the work force.

    Both sides concur, however, that innovative programs to attract investment and create jobs (e.g., the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program) can be better utilized to attract much needed funding and spur growth in our region. See for more information.
    Kamana Mathur

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