Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pittsburgh Excellent Example of How Globalization is Essential to Growth, Radio Report Says

Pittsburgh is an excellent example of how globalization is essential to succesful economic growth in the new millenium, according to a report by American RadioWorks.

In case you missed this excellent report by Robert Krulwich and Chris Farrell, it's a great summary of the changes that have taken place in the Pittsburgh region over the past decade.

"After Big Steel went away, service industries grew from one-fifth of the Pittsburgh economy to one-third," the report says. "This was back in the time when lower-paying service jobs replaced factory work in much of the country. Pittsburgh hasn't come close to replacing its lost manufacturing jobs. But it's gained thousands of new jobs in healthcare, finance, service and high-tech industries. Led by its universities, the city is working to shake its rustbelt image and become an IT leader."

The report features everything from Primanti sandwiches to high-tech research.

"And this is why this globalization is really different than the previous waves of globalization, that the talent is all over the world, and the innovation, the ideas, are all coming around the world. So it's no longer that the best and brightest come here to the United States, if you want to pursue an idea this is the freest environment. It has really changed. The game is much more level."

Check out the program at American RadioWorks Global 3.0.

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